How to Customize the Driving Modes on a Tesla Model S for Personal Preferences?

April 15, 2024

In the world of automobiles, Tesla is undoubtedly an icon. Their electric vehicles, known for their state-of-the-art technology, are defining a new standard in the industry. One notable aspect of Tesla vehicles is their user-friendly interface that allows drivers to customize different elements and settings according to personal preferences. If you’re a Tesla Model S driver, this article will serve as an informational guide to help you navigate your vehicle’s various modes and features.

Understanding the Tesla Model S Touchscreen Display

The main mode of interaction between a Tesla driver and the vehicle is the touchscreen display. This large, easy-to-use interface is the hub for a myriad of vehicle controls, settings, and information. Understanding this display is crucial for any Tesla driver.

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Upon first glance, the touchscreen might seem overwhelming, but don’t fret. It’s designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. On the top bar of the display, you’ll find quick access icons for the most frequently used settings, including the controls for the audio system, battery information, and access to the car’s main menu.

From the main menu, you can dive deeper into various settings and adjust them to suit your preferences. Here you can control everything from the vehicle’s driving mode to its climate control settings. It’s worth noting that different driving modes are available for different purposes, and you can change them at will.

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Customizing Your Driving Mode

One of the most impressive features of a Tesla Model S is the ability to personalize your driving mode. This customization can drastically change how your vehicle behaves on the road, providing you with a driving experience tailored to your preferences.

To set your driving mode, touch the ‘Controls’ icon on the touchscreen display. You will then see a series of options. Tap on ‘Driving’ to access the different modes available. You will find three main modes: Sport, Standard, and Comfort. Each mode changes the vehicle’s acceleration and steering response. Sport mode offers the most aggressive response, while Comfort mode is the most relaxed.

For a truly personalized driving experience, Tesla allows you to create custom driving modes. You can adjust the steering mode and regenerative braking to your liking. Once you have set these to your preference, you can save these settings as a new custom mode.

Understanding the ‘Turn Indicator’ Mode

In Tesla Model S, the turn indicator mode is another feature you can customize. This setting, which controls the behavior of the vehicle’s turn indicators, can be found in the ‘Controls’ menu, under the ‘Service & Reset’ option.

There are two settings available: ‘Standard’ and ‘Three-Flash’. In Standard mode, the turn indicators will continue to flash until you manually cancel them. This is ideal for making turns or changing lanes in heavy traffic.

On the other hand, the ‘Three-Flash’ setting will make the turn indicators flash three times and then automatically cancel. This mode is handy when changing lanes on a highway, as it allows you to signal your intentions without needing to manually cancel the indicator.

Adjusting the ‘Autosteer’ Mode

The Tesla Model S doesn’t shy away from calling attention to its advanced driving aids. One such feature is the Autosteer mode, which, when activated, helps to keep your vehicle in its lane while driving.

To adjust the Autosteer mode, you should go to the ‘Autopilot’ settings, which can be found in the ‘Controls’ menu. Here, you can turn Autosteer on or off and set your preferred speed for the feature to engage.

Note that while Autosteer is a handy feature for highway use, Tesla advises against using it in heavy traffic or on city streets. Autosteer is designed to assist the driver, not to replace them. Always keep your attention on the road and be ready to take over control when needed.

Personalizing the ‘Tesla Summon’ Function

The last feature we will call attention to is the Summon function. This Tesla-exclusive feature allows you to move your car in and out of tight parking spaces using your smartphone or key fob.

To customize the Summon settings, navigate to the ‘Autopilot’ menu in the ‘Controls’ section. Here, you can turn the feature on or off and set the distance the vehicle can move when Summon is activated.

Remember, safety is paramount. Always ensure that the path is clear before using the Summon function. While this feature is designed for convenience, it should not be used without proper supervision or in busy areas.

The ability to customize various modes and settings makes every Tesla Model S truly unique to its driver. By understanding and personalizing these features, you can ensure a more enjoyable and comfortable driving experience.

Clothing Your Tesla Model S with the ‘Track Mode’

While the Tesla Model S is renowned for its on-road performance, it also boasts a feature for those who have a penchant for off-road driving: the Track Mode. This mode allows the Tesla Model S to showcase its full capabilities on a racetrack or similar environment.

To access the Track Mode, you need to navigate to the ‘Controls’ menu from the touchscreen display, followed by the ‘Driving’ option. Here, the Track Mode option is presented along with other driving modes such as Sport, Standard, and Comfort. Upon selecting the Track Mode, a warning icon will appear on the instrument panel, cautioning you to use this mode solely for track driving.

While using the Track Mode, it is important to note that it alters the vehicle’s performance extensively to optimize for track use. It includes improving the powertrain cooling, enhancing brake performance, and directing torque to the wheels that need it the most. However, using Track Mode can make the vehicle more demanding to control and hence, requires proficient driving skills.

Remember, as Tesla advises, Track Mode should only be used on closed circuit tracks and not on public roads for informational purposes. Safety is paramount- always ensure you are in a safe and permitted environment when using this mode.

Controlling Your Tesla Model S through the Mobile App

The Tesla Model S is not just limited to in-car customization. With the Tesla mobile app, you can further personalize your driving experience and control vehicle settings remotely. The Tesla mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Once you have downloaded the app and logged into your Tesla account, you will have access to various controls and settings. From the comfort of your home, you can check your vehicle’s charging status, lock or unlock your car, or even start your vehicle remotely.

The app also allows you to adjust settings like the ‘Remote Start’ and ‘Valet Mode’. Using the ‘Remote Start’ function, you can start your car using your smartphone if you misplace your key fob. The ‘Valet Mode’ limits access to certain settings and personal data when someone else is driving your car, ensuring your privacy.

Furthermore, the mobile app has a unique feature called ‘Car Locator’, which allows you to locate your vehicle if you forget where you parked it. This icon calling function sends a signal to your car and shows its location on a map on your phone.

Remember, while the mobile app brings convenience, it should be used responsibly. Don’t share your login credentials with anyone, and ensure your phone is secure to avoid unauthorized access to your vehicle.


Customizing the Tesla Model S to suit personal preferences is a testament to the car’s advanced features and state-of-the-art technology. With its comprehensive touchscreen display, a diverse range of driving modes, including the unique ‘Track Mode’, and the mobile app, every Tesla driver can enjoy a unique, tailored driving experience.

Whether it’s adjusting the turn indicators’ behavior, setting up the Autosteer mode, or using the Summon function, Tesla ensures that its drivers have a multitude of options to choose from. By familiarizing oneself with these features and using them responsibly, owners can make the most out of their Tesla Model S. However, while the vehicle comes equipped with impressive features, it’s important to use them appropriately, keeping safety a top priority. After all, owning a Tesla Model S is not just about driving a car, it’s about experiencing the future of automobiles.